Season One

EP. 1:1

Auditions: or, A Very Good Place to Start
What's a day in the life of a small town community theatre? A documentary crew is eager to find out. It's audition day and Pryor and Murphy, a young director/playwright duo, are excited to cast their ambitious new play. Neither of them are quite prepared, however, for what the Fitzgerald Theatre has to offer.

EP. 1:2

Read-Through: or, The Ultimate Measure of Worthiness
The play has been cast and the group comes together for their first read-through. There's just one problem: a member of the theatre's board drops by and discovers what "experimental theatre" actually means. Meanwhile, Madeline, the no-nonsense Stage Manager, puts her assistant Leonard through theatre boot camp.

EP. 1:3

Theatre Games: or, The Understudy Strikes Back
Rehearsals get off to a rocky start when the power goes out at the theatre. Pryor takes the opportunity to delve into character study, leading to a rift between Chip, the show hottie, and his more dedicated understudy. Murphy searches for the cause of the outage and makes a startling discovery in the prop loft.

EP. 1:4

Workshop: or, Every Hero Needs a Hero
Pryor must contend with his jealousy as prodigal son Zak Hunter, famous for his TV character "Dark Ryder," comes back to the theatre to teach a workshop. Murphy begins to have feelings for Parker, while Madeline searches tirelessly for the source of a mysterious sound.

EP. 1:5

Props: or, Cast v. Crew
After an elaborate prop is broken, a war breaks out between the cast and crew. Madeline begins to assemble her ace design team, including an overly aggressive costume designer and a props master who isn't allowed in Las Vegas anymore. Murphy contends with his feelings for Parker, and Pryor gets a scolding from his father.

EP. 1:6

Stumble-Through: or, No One's Ever Really Off-Book
It's go time at the Fitz as the cast attempts its first run-through of the play. Jeffrey tries to feed an unprepared Chip his lines, Parker is distracted by her midterm, and an actor quits at intermission. To top it all off, Stan has a personal crisis and Pryor has to make a bold move to help him find his confidence again.

EP. 1:7

Choreography: or, It Takes Two to Tap
After the unsuccessful stumble-through, the board of the theatre threatens to cancel the show, so Pryor and Madeline work up a presentation to change their minds. Onstage, the cast rehearses a dance with their judgmental choreographer while backstage, Parker and Murphy share a few secrets.

EP. 1:8

Costumes: or, Lucas and George's Excellent Adventure
While investigating the theatre's "make-out spot," castmates Lucas and George inadvertently lock themselves in the costume loft. It's every man for himself as the documentary crew tries to survive through the night, while Lucas and George quickly lose their grip on reality.

EP. 1:9

Fundraising: or, This Episode Sponsored By...
The good news? The show isn't canceled. The bad news? Half of its budget has been cut. Pryor and Murphy prepare to sell their souls while the cast arranges a car wash at the theatre. Anything for the show.

EP. 1:10

Tech: or, They Call it Hell Week for a Reason
Tech Week starts with a bang as Madeline brings in a professional to whip everyone in to shape. Pryor gets a surprising offer from an old friend while his relationship with Murphy begins to suffer.

EP. 1:11

Preview: or, Twelve Actors in Search of a Director
Everything seems to fall apart as the cast and crew prepare for their first performance in front of an audience. Jeffrey has to fill in for an injured Chip while technical issues plague every scene. Elsewhere, Pryor is forced to make a difficult decision.

EP. 1:12

Opening Night: or, There's No Such Thing as a One Man Show
All seems lost as the show is in complete disarray. What does it take to put on a play? These guys are about to find out.